Saturday, March 28, 2009

Twelve dollars well spent...

My brother and I got along very good as we were growing up and we continue to get along great today. Well today was one of those days that I tried to contact him because I knew he would like doing what I was doing! Tonight I spent $12 and went to a Milwaukee Admirals game. That's not when I thought about him. Hockey, not high on our most fun to watch sports list. Tonight because of my $12 I got to sit with 2 of my children and watch another stand near the ice with her hurt knee as we all watched her co-dancers perform in between the 2nd and 3rd periods, fun but come on, she has a banged up knee....and still did not think of him. Wrapping up the $12 evening we saw a shootout and the home team lost, no biggie...I don't even know 1 player on either team. My thought of "I wish my brother was here" came after the ice had been cleared and for the same $12 STYX took the stage! STYX for $12! Sure they were slightly older then when we were young (about 30 years ago) but they were STYX! Grand Illusion, Lady, Fooling Yourself and of course Come Sail Away... the faces of every 40+ year old person was beaming....we had endured a boring game, a mildly exciting shootout, free t-shirts shot from a gun and now STYX. My children appeared to enjoy this group of old men singing"rock" songs, each song sounding just like the previous one, while the melodic sound of old people like me echoed through the Bradley Center. At least for this night, for the same price as 2 8oz. Dippin Dots, I got to spend some time with my kids and 13,000 other "old" people, listen STYX and wish my brother could've been here....
"Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way
The time is drawing near"

Eye will see you later!

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  1. Let me know what you think when you are done and have stuck your fork in it!! I read it last fall...
    Btw I have read 17 books since Christmas. :)