Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yeah for those Irish Dancers

So yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, I'm not quite sure who St. Patrick is or why he gets "a day." I'm not a big fan of St. Patrick's day, it's nothing personal against the Irish it's really more about corn beef and cabbage..yuck! Most of my family had some yesterday but I had chicken and I did a lot of breathing through my mouth so I didn't catch a whiff of that cooked cabbage smell. Most of the people I saw had on green. I think Kermit the frog was right when he had that smash hit "It's Not Easy Being Green." Green is not even in my top ten of colors. Green makes me think of the Boston Celtics. When I was young that was one ugly team! Not basketball wise just physically. Larry Bird with that nose, Kevin McHale with the disproportional chest and Dennis Johnson with that face...they were ugly. Now I think they draft by good looks actually, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, R. Rondo...some sharp looking guys today. Anyway, there is also green beer on St. Pattys Day. I don't drink beer and green? All I know about Irish pubs I have learned from scary movies so I am not anxious to go check them out. I have never kissed the Blarney stone, pretty sure I can imagine what kissing a stone that millions have slobbered on might feel thanks. My favorite March 17th memory was green bread. When I was in college, my wife would make my sandwiches and one day she bought some green bread from Cake Box and made my PB and J with it! My buddies were grossed out even though it was food coloring but I found it delicious. The other thought I do like is those Irish dancers. All the clicking of the shoes, the speed, the fast movements, they are very good. One of them is my good friend Kacie, she was awesome when she was an official participant. I think what they should try is dancing on St. Patrick's Day with a Stein full of green beer, now that would be a show! Hope you enjoyed your ST. Patrick's Day!

Eye will see you later!

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  1. Here is to many more memories made on St. Pattie's Day!