Friday, March 6, 2009


I like geese. I do believe that God shows us things in life, He sends them our way, things we appreciate and enjoy. I have a slight fascination with geese. I remember going to Horicon Marsh and seeing thousands of them all in one place. Amazing! I remember learning about them, observing them fly overhead in that large < pattern. I meet someone once who explained about the < and why one side of the < is always longer then the other. Almost everyday as I am walking into and out of work they are flying and making there goose noises and I like that. People say, there's your geese! I thank God for that special part of the day where he just lets me see and hear one section of His creation. The geese, graceful, orderly, swift and least where I live. I don't see them walking around town but they are almost always flying overhead, one section of the < longer then the other, honking their good morning honks...displaying their God given ability to make me smile. I don't really care for geese much on the golf course but everywhere else I like to see them and hear them.
Oh yeah, the part about the <, the scientific reason that one section is always much longer than the other is.....
there are a lot more geese in that line.

Eye will see you later!

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  1. That ending is so funny. I would never have thought of that reason. Yes, geese on the golf course is a big problem here in AZ. We often mention Horicon Marsh, the happy memories and now we can see them close up everyday.