Thursday, March 5, 2009


The's best friend. In my lifetime I have travelled this road 6 times. Frosty, Chelsey, Gizmo, Little Rosie (who never stopped leaking), Sooner and Rosie(who performed "the stunt"). Six best friends each with their own personalities and each with many stories. Presently, I am dog less and I am fine with that....happy actually. What will happen when the kids want another dog? My thought was lets just cross that bridge when we come to it. This week in the office many people are talking about their dogs, their "best friends." Yesterday one gentleman talked about his golden who loves to duck hunt with him. The dog is only 2 years old but has mastered this bird hunting and you could just feel the excitement they both get when they spend time together. He talked about the training and how his dog just loves to go out there and flush out the birds, retrieve them and sit proudly as he removes the bird from the dogs gentle mouth. I was starting to think maybe... My very next patient started talking about his dog who had run into some knee and hip trouble. In the past year and one half he has spent $10,000 on vet bills for his dog. Wow! My thoughts of maybe quickly faded and I felt glad to be dog less again. Not too long ago one of my kids popped the question "Can we get a dog?" The bridge had come... sure they can, just as soon as they move out and get a place of their own! I love dogs, I loved the dogs we had and I'm sure I will love the dogs they get someday but as for now...there are no dogs on my side of the bridge, my yard is clean and I am quite fine with that!

Eye will see you later.

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  1. Over many years we have owned more dogs then can be remembered. Last year after watching months of 'Dog Whisperer' we bought Gunther in a Home Depot parking lot. The puppy months were stressful but we were consistent and now Gunther is a JOY!! We are glad that we gave dog ownership one more try.