Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"All you can eat"... there's something about those four words that gets to the heart of a man.  Maybe it is because we just can't get enough of anything, or maybe it is because we are cheap but for some reason if we eat our self sick it is more of a value.  Tonight we had "all you can" eat crab legs for $23.95... what a deal!  Don't worry I am not writing this while waiting to dash to the bathroom,  I don't even like crab legs.  That is just a lot of work for such small portions of meat. I like to watch people eat crab legs though, not in a weird way.   The tools are cool, the cracking thing and the tiny fork.  It's all about determination, perseverance and the thrill of victory.  The joy on a persons face when they pull out a piece of crab that is larger than a half inch makes the experience well worth it. Even the butter amount is overwhelming!   I am not in trouble, stomach wise, until I go to the "all you can eat" pizza.  I am not a REAL cheap person but it is simple math to me.  The pizza deal is $19.95, divided by about 15 large pieces of pizzas and 5 sodas = less than a dollar an item.  Now that is a deal for a stomach ache and indigestion.  Even though I never feel good after that, I feel great because I know that I got a great deal!  So next time you're out about and see those four words "all you can eat" take a chance, loosen the belt, pull up a chair, tuck in the napkin and prepare for the adventure.... just remember the more you eat the cheaper the meal!

Eye will see you later!

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