Saturday, February 28, 2009


Stevie Wonder.."Very superstitious, writing's on the wall," the song popped into my head yesterday triggered by a couple different memories. First was Tiger Woods..he's back! If you don't follow golf you probably don't care but I'm sure you know who he is. He played his first event since having his knee reconstructed. It was match play and he won the first day and then lost the second..he's out and it might be my fault. Not really but it is one of my superstitions. I don't get loony over them, they are more fun superstitions. I had a patient the other day who, while we were talking about her health and past years events, "knocked on wood" six times as she was speaking. It wasn't to be funny so I kept my chuckling to myself. She needed to find wood and knock on it so it would be better this year. I was talking to my mother about this and learned if my grandma forgot something in the house and had to go get it, she would go into the house, grab what she forgot, sit down, count to 13 out loud and then get up and leave. Superstitions....weird! I have not continued that one thankfully.
Anyway, Tiger Woods. 3 years ago I bought a baseball hat, the same one Tiger has on in the picture. $25.00! I don't buy many hats but I like Tiger and thought he could use another few bucks so I bought his hat. I wear this when I golf, not because my game resembles Tigers but it makes me feel like a golfer! I also wear it when Tiger needs me. On two different occasions as I was watching Tiger he was struggling and he needed help. So I ran very fast (faster then Kirk) to my room and found my hat, Tigers hat, put it on, smiled, sat down and watched the magic! Both times Tiger did it...he came back and won! I am sure he has no idea how he did it...but I know about the hat, my hat! Sorry Tiger but I was at work the other day when you played and lost but next time, if you make it to the weekend I will be there for you...hat on, smiling and watching the magic!

Eye will see you later!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have unofficially joined the club. It's the Thursday morning meeting at the golden arches of the sr citizens and I am a peripheral member. I am by myself still with a comfortable "cushion" of tables between me and the true club members but I am almost official. I am in the process of paying my dues. The last 2 weeks I purchased a paper, read it some, the placed it in the "free" rack. It rests in the holder almost 30 sec. before some snatches it up.... I'm sure they know who paid the 75 cents! That's dues. Today I heard about the bowling league and how Henry's team cleanup by bowling about 200 pins over their averages. A few minutes later, the gentleman with the 2 creams and 1 sugar said he went to the 7 schools and dropped off fliers so the kids would be reminded about the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt..."I did my good deed of the day!" he said. That was my favorite part today because I think we should all be like that. Not excited to go to the egg hunt but looking to get the "good deed" done. If we all did a good deed, helped someone out, held the door open for someone, bought someone the sr. coffee, or just smiled and said hello just think how much more fun the day would be! It's a shame sometime we have to do this intentionally, make it a goal...but it's a good goal. So let's do it, today, tomorrow and the next intentional "good deed"....sincerely, with a smile....I'm sure it's contagious!

Eye will see you later...and when I do, I'll hold the door open just for you!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What's in a name? I am going to be a grandpa and that means another name will enter into the family. I am a junior and that is cool with me. Sometimes I was just jerry but other times I was little jerry even when I wasn't so little. I liked that. When we had kids there was never a thought for jerry "the third." Every single "the third" I knew growing up was just not a nice kid. I'm not saying they are cursed or anything but just the examples in my life were bad kids. Maybe it's like winning a bronze medal...good but honestly third place? It's just one step from not winning anything.
I learned there were many rules to kid naming...
  • you can't use any name used by a family member in the past 3 generations
  • you can't have a 1 syllable first name followed by a 1 syllable middle name, that just sounds wrong
  • if you heard a friend thought of the name even in a dream you can't use it
  • you can't be cute, I wanted Nicolas Issac for the initials NIK
  • you have to think of every possible word that rhymes with it because that's what the kids are going to do...speaking from experience fairy jerry
  • if you start out with 2 kids and they have the same letter for their name you are stuck and better either stop having them or really commit to that letter
I'm sure there are more, it is quite a process. You know though, when the baby finally comes out and you see him or her for the first time, the name just fits! Good luck to my son and his wife for picking out that perfect name.....I say throw the rules out, 1 syllable each..
Ca$h Fox .....
OK maybe rules are a good thing...where did your name come from?

Eye will see you later!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Ahhh the Oscars. The red carpet, the dresses, the media, is there anything better? My informal poll today as I have been seeing patients has revealed to me that no one watched the Oscars. Well I did with my wife. A cold night, resting on the couch in between trips to drop off and pick up kids. I figured out why many people didn't watch-- no one has seen most of these movies! Benjamin Button looks decent, about an old guy who grows younger instead of the normal ageing process. Not a bad deal to grow younger and look like Brad Pitt! But what happens when you are back to just a few months old.....not sure I would stay to the end of that movie. Then there was Milk which I will pass on...lactose intolerant. Some Victoria something.. no thanks. Reader which ...survey says....X! The big winner all night was Slumdog Millionaire! Which I saw! Go see it if you haven't.

At least then if anyone asks you about the Oscars (which no one will because no one watched it) you can say "How about that Slumdog!"

Eye will see you later.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


What makes a hero?
When we are young our heroes are Superheroes like Superman, Spiderman and when I was young, Aquaman...he had that sonar underwater thing going. Most of them are cartoons. When we get into our teens our heroes change into real people. Some are sports stars like Michael Jordan, Walter Payton or Peyton Manning, others might be presidents or movie stars. Pretty much we've learned we can't be cartoons but maybe, just maybe, we can be the next all-star or the next Indiana Jones.... real but with super ability. Now I am past that, I am about 10 inches to short for the nba, my drives slice to much, I never quite develop a curve ball and oh so close to the next pretty face. But I still have heroes! One of them is studying to be a youth pastor, 2 of them are graduating from hs this year, one dances and the other started in a basketball game tonight. It made me smile to see him out there and he did great!

In the score book no points but there are plenty of people to get those and they did very good also. I am sure they were heroes for someone. Now I get to spend time with my heroes and you can't beat that. Who are your heroes today? It's good to have them, to look up to them and even better to spend a lifetime with them!

Eye will see you later!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Deja vu' is a weird thing. I understand it has something to do with the mind and memory and past experiences but it is odd. I wonder if you catch yourself in the middle of it, just after the deja, if you can alter it at all? That would be sweet, especially if it happened during a sport. You could cut a different way or pass somewhere else, shoot instead of throwing it away. What brought this to mind was the show, LOST. What brought this to mind was the show, LOST.....I just wondered if you were paying attention. ..
I have invested 2 or 3 seasons into this show and basically I have no idea what's going on. People who have died are popping up alive. Old people are showing up young....what in the world! It started with a plane crash onto this island, stuff happened, lots of stuff. Then some people got off the island. Stuff happens to them back home, stuff happens to people on the island, now they got back on a plane because it was going to go over the island and guess what.....they are back on the island, except John Locke because he had to die!? And he had to wear Jack's dead dad's shoes! I think we are back to where we started.
I have to really thank my "brother" (said with the English accent) for suggesting this show! If I had to do it all again and had the deja ..."You should watch this show" vu I wouldn't change a thing for this one! It's LOST, I'm lost and every week I can't wait to make it worse!

One more weird thing, does anyone else hear the phone ring every time they take a shower?

Eye will see you later!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


787 Billion that is a huge number and the beginning of an economic comeback. I was going to talk about soup today...I had some good ham and wild rice soup. There are a lot of soup choices out there and I don't think it is possible to not like soup, at least one kind of soup. That Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi is a classic. I think I like Seinfeld better than soup but not all kinds of soup. I don't like bean soup or the season 3 final episode when they are in jail though parts of it are OK, just not the bean part. I am a tad bit confused...not about soup or Seinfeld, that George is a little confusing...about the 787 Billion dollars. Where do we get this money and why is somebody hiding that amount of cash? How do we sign papers and then we pass out $787,000,000,000 ? Most times in life when I have had to sign documents I owe money. So if this is the way out, passing out all of this money I need to know a few things...
  • where does the line start? I have stood in line to see a midnight show of that 3rd Lord of the Rings movie, I can stand in line for this!
  • how long is this line? If I have to take off work to stand in line will I be reimbursed?
  • is there any incentive gifts? A toaster, free Packer shirt or maybe it is a Redskins shirt...
  • what about the emails from my long lost friend in Nigeria who is sending me 2.5 million dollars because he needs to get it out of his country and remembered I could help him out, do I need to claim this before I get my piece of the pie?
  • is there a cap on what athletes can make because I think I heard some ceo's are going to start an NBA basketball team....
So, the van is packed, we are ready to hit the road, take a few days off (reimbursed I hope) and get in line...somebody bring that monopoly game cause I'm passing go and going to collect my $200! I am bringing the thermos and guess whats inside....broccoli cheese, no spoon just straight from the thermos!

Eye will see you later!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentines Day has come and gone and Shelly and I went out to a movie, Slumdog Millionaire. I thought this was a remake of "The Shaggy DA" and boy was I mistaken. It was actually a very good movie, something I should have come up with myself! No Regis though, just poverty, death, guns, child slaves, a big pile of #2, all of the elements of a great film. The best part was Shelly picked this movie and we both enjoyed it very much... not so much the big pile but the movie at its entirety.

All this leads me to another thought...who IS the boss. A recent discussion about knowing who the boss of the house is occurred last week and I was slightly offended. I try to be a good leader and provider for my family, like the boss should be, and then someone says I don't understand it yet, I think it is them that.....

I'll have to finish this thought another day, my wife needs the computer.....

Friday, February 13, 2009


Friday the 13th, what a day to start! I have always wanted to start a journal so I will give it a try. I hope to share things I learn, life lessons from famous people, friends, patients, family or anyone. Today as I look back on the week here are a few thoughts....
  • family vacations are fantastic and should be done...big or small
  • one probably shouldn't use steroids and lie about it
  • Lettermen is still hilarious
  • today starts pitchers and catchers report...go cubs!!!
  • mens bible study is a great time