Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When I was younger it was a special treat to go for some ice cream. We would drive about twenty minutes to a drive-in ice cream place and get our little cones with the swirl ice cream and we were happy! We didn't do it very frequently so it was just special enough to make my brother and I smile. As I got older, but not too old, it was Chuck E. Cheese...where a kid can be a kid (as long as he has plenty of dads quarters). Now I like things hot and spicy! Taco Bell hot sauce ...not hot enough. The place to go now for that special treat is Buffalo Wild Wings. As my kids call it BDubs! It has everything. It has the trivia game with the handheld units, which I love. I am very good at that game as long as my wife is funnelling me the answers. She is very trivia smart but I get to push the buttons. Honestly, I can't figure out how to log in to the unit! DR LUV was our code name the other night and we were dominating! Or you can play Texas Hold 'em on the other screen which my daughter was raking in the chips. The best part is the 17 sauces. Throw out the first 10 if you want hot and spicy, choose from the magnificent 7. I had the boneless dozen, 6 Hot BBQ and 6 Mango Habanero. The Hot BBQ's were good but the Habanero's wow! That was hot and spicy. My mouth was on fire. I refilled that soda 3 times just for some relief...those were excellent. There are still some choices even hotter and if you get a dozen with the hottest, eat them all, they put your picture on the wall! I am not sure I will ever achieve that plateau of the hottest dozen wings but when I go there I do leave with a smile, those are tears of joy created by the mango habanero and a special treat with the family.

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