Saturday, March 28, 2009

The fork in the road...

I know some people who love to read and that makes me jealous. When do you get that reading bug or why do we lose the drive to read. Everyone is excited when it is "See Spot run." "See Dick run." See Jane run." "Hello Jane." It is easy, understandable and we can see the story. At sometime in our lives we come to a fork in the road, to read or not to read. Men come to two forks actually the first one is easy....we buy new stuff, there are directions to read....easy decision...not to read! We don't need directions to put stuff together or all the extra pieces left over when we are done putting stuff together. We don't need to read directions to get anywhere, not only do we not need them, we don't even want to ask or hear them. Reading stuff like directions or instructions in not necessary, a waste of time, boring, even demeaning...but reading the paper "in the office", that is a necessity. The paper is not speaking to us like we are idiots, trying to direct our every move, the paper is keeping us up with life, the important stuff... the scores, the trades, the marker, the pork bellies! The second fork is the true reading, after Dick and Jane and the Weekly Readers. This is the fork that I don't understand. I want to read and I am picking up this fork. I have bought several books in the past years and I am in the process of reading them all. I simply have too many forks. I am setting down all but one and I am reading it until I am done! "The Shack" is the winner and I am going to perservre, I will not quit, I am halfway through and you will see me say "Stick a fork in it, I am done!"

Eye will see you later!

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