Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Croc or not to Croc.....

"These boots are made for walkin", the ruby red slippers, Air Jordans, crocs, penny loafers with the penny, moon boots, .... footwear is a large part of history and I have taken my next step.  I don't buy new shoes very often, my old ones have to be falling apart before I decide it's time to move on.  I know a lot people, mostly ladies, have a fair number of shoes.  They just have that fashion mindset and need a pair to match every outfit and I think that's great but that is just not me.  Before I go to far I need to comment about crocs.... I feel it is just not a "manly" shoe.  I am not even sure it's a shoe at all.  "But it is so comfortable" my man (and I use this term loosely here) buddy croc owners say.... seriously, they are foam rubber slippers with holes in them.  Pillows are comfortable, maybe we should strap them around our feet...pillocs the next shoe.  The cute little holes on the crocs that kids put little animal pins in.... come on gentlemen, comfy or not, stay away from them.  Any way my next step is a nice pair of black dress shoes for work and they look sharp.  There truly is something about a new shoe that is awesome.  So clean, shining and yes, mildly uncomfortable until we break them in.  I just wish with my new shoes I would also get a pair of laces that stay tied.  I really do not like these stale black licorice ropes they include as shoe laces.  I need to retie these every 20 minutes because they just don't stay.  My goal in getting these new shoes is to step into a pair that it as comfortable as my golf shoes..... those babys are perfect.  The soft spikes just chew up the carpets so I can't wear those to work.  But if it comes down to a choice of crocs or the golf shoes at work then I am just going to need new carpet about every three weeks...
Eye will see you later!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's fun to be a fan.....sometime

Why, why, why do we do this to ourselves?  Year after year, game after game and actually inning after inning I fool myself into believing Ron Santos words "This is the year!".... and here we go again!  As of this minute my beloved Cubs are 6-3 and looking mighty fine.  I try not to get excited... seriously, we hold the record for most years without a championship....101 years...101!  Isn't that something to be proud of?  Some teams would think " I think we have lost enough to always keep this record," but not my Cubbies!  The Cubs have made it their lifelong goal to preserve this record and make it absolutely unchallengeable.  Do you know how hard that is, to pass this "goal" on from generation to generation.  Sure they played great last year, DURING THE REGULAR SEASON, but when it was time to tighten the belt, grab the bats and swing in the post season... they set out to keep the streak going...and they did, outstanding.  I remember watching game 2 and seeing every infielder make at least one error each.... you truly cannot teach that.  I hear the rumors of the curse of the billy goat but come on, these guys are professionals AND they are Cubs!  True blue Cubs!  It is an honor to play at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.  It is special to sit and watch a game, have a dog with mustard only and listen to the fans!  As a kid I would go with my relatives, PB and J's in a brown bag and Aunt Phoey with her cowbell thinking "This is the year!"  Well, she's dead now... and I'm not saying that with any disrespect.  She, like all cub fans, loved her years as a cub fan.... because that's what we are Cub fans!  Honestly, we don't care if they win or not because either way they are still the Cubs.  Santo, Billy Williams, Kessinger, Dawson, Sandberg, Lee, Wood, Suttcliff, Cardinal, Monday...all of them Cubs,  all of them our Cubs and if they happen to win on any given day it's a bonus!  Who knows, this might be the year...but I am betting not...anyone can we a world series championship, but to keep this record going is truly an amazing feat!  "Go cubs go, go cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say, the cubs are going to win today!"  Or maybe tomorrow....

Eye will see you later!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christ has Risen!

What does your Easter look like? I found it interesting that several schools have Good Friday off but can't talk about Christ in the classroom. I am excited about Easter because it is what makes Christianity different. Today the youth of our church set up a prayer walk and it was a special time. About 7 stations, all with a message and a thought to help us spend some time with God. One stop was communion and as I thought about the communion service last week I remembered someone crying, not loudly, just wiping away small tears as she spent time thinking about Christ and his message. He loves us, He died for us and He rose again, conquering death so that we might live with Him. I also thought about the huge number of people who will celebrate Easter....the egg hunts, the candy, the family gatherings....all without a thought about Christ. So will you remember what Easter is about....resurrection Sunday! It is a time to celebrate!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dreaming the dream...again

As a kid I had several dreams that I think everyone has... the one where you start to talk and your teeth just start dropping out....another one where you can quite get your eyes open past half way so you can only see the lower part of stuff.  Very frustrating, you have to tip your head way back to see anything past peoples belly.... the one where you start to fall and you feel yourself jump in real life.... repetitive dreams, same ones, same feelings, same "oh no, not again".  I also past on to 2 of my kids night terrors where you run around shouting like a crazy kid but don't remember any of it when you wake-up..I'll save that for another time.  My repeating dream lately has been a school dream.  It's a college type setting and involves my wife and kids, who are also going to this school, different classes but same locker area.  A lot of people I don't know because the halls are crowded.  A friend of mine, Steve, whom I have known for 22 years and as of last night an African American lady whose locker is close to my wife's and mine, she told us her name last night but much like real life I have forgotten it already. She's from Pennsylvania, I remember that! Anyway she's in the class with Steve and me.  I always ask Steve if there is anything due (even in my dream I know the right person to ask) and last night there was, first time for that!  What was due was a 3 to 5 sentence paper on "What's  Important in Life"  then I woke up...  So here's my "paper" that I have pieced together from my dream...Life, the journey from childhood to adulthood, is not that much different from person to person.  You should surround yourself with the people that God has given you and take time to enjoy their company.  You should reach out to others and impact their lives for a greater good, whether you remember their names or not.  And maybe once in your lifetime you should visit Pennsylvania....before all of your teeth fall out!
Hey, it's just a dream...what's yours?

Eye will see you later!