Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dreaming the dream...again

As a kid I had several dreams that I think everyone has... the one where you start to talk and your teeth just start dropping out....another one where you can quite get your eyes open past half way so you can only see the lower part of stuff.  Very frustrating, you have to tip your head way back to see anything past peoples belly.... the one where you start to fall and you feel yourself jump in real life.... repetitive dreams, same ones, same feelings, same "oh no, not again".  I also past on to 2 of my kids night terrors where you run around shouting like a crazy kid but don't remember any of it when you wake-up..I'll save that for another time.  My repeating dream lately has been a school dream.  It's a college type setting and involves my wife and kids, who are also going to this school, different classes but same locker area.  A lot of people I don't know because the halls are crowded.  A friend of mine, Steve, whom I have known for 22 years and as of last night an African American lady whose locker is close to my wife's and mine, she told us her name last night but much like real life I have forgotten it already. She's from Pennsylvania, I remember that! Anyway she's in the class with Steve and me.  I always ask Steve if there is anything due (even in my dream I know the right person to ask) and last night there was, first time for that!  What was due was a 3 to 5 sentence paper on "What's  Important in Life"  then I woke up...  So here's my "paper" that I have pieced together from my dream...Life, the journey from childhood to adulthood, is not that much different from person to person.  You should surround yourself with the people that God has given you and take time to enjoy their company.  You should reach out to others and impact their lives for a greater good, whether you remember their names or not.  And maybe once in your lifetime you should visit Pennsylvania....before all of your teeth fall out!
Hey, it's just a dream...what's yours?

Eye will see you later!

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  1. Glad to have you back! I've missed your posts. I check for the new one every day! Apparently, I'm pretty bored!