Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Robin....

There are a lot of things in this world that I do not understand.  Sure, there are somethings I am good at knowing, eye stuff, cubs,  useless jeopardy trivia (far right category slot) and a few bible questions, but there is an abundance of stuff that a would place in the category where I am relatively ignorant.  The fax machine I have not figured out, my writing, a phone line, my writing on the other end.... no way.  For that matter the radio still has me baffled... music through the air and it comes out through this little radio thing.... amazing.   As I was thinking of stuff in the air my good friend robin red-breast flew into mind.  How does the robin builds it's nest.  The bird has no hands to grab the gathered twigs and wrap them together nice and tight. There is no jr. apprentice helping out, doing the dirty work.   Yet the robin makes a nice nest that stands up to wind and rain the occasional thrown rock from the neighbor harm, solid, still completely intact.  Nest building, amazing.   A second astounding feature of the robin is the worm hunting.  They fly into my nice green yard, take a few steps, stick their beak into the ground and there is a worm!  I think the beak is an undiscovered worm magnet.  Fisherman should try to tame the robin so when a fisherman needs some worms, he leashes his robin, sticks his head by the dirt and snap...worms galore.  I have heard the "explanation" that the robin hears the worm....come on.  Worms are very quiet creatures, I have never been kept awake by the crawling or howling of the worm at night.  Lastly, I need to know where robins go in the winter.  I have never seen a robin fly more than a neighbors yard length or two at one time.  I do not believe they fly south two yards at a time and I have never seen the flock of robins going south.  Yet every spring we get all excited "Oh look, a robin" winter's almost over!  So where are they all winter, under the porches is my guess.  Waiting, feasting on the porch hiding loud worms, just practicing the beak knot with the few pieces of unfrozen grass....waiting to make the grand entrance....

Eye will see you later....

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's ketchup day....

Thank you to all who are checking in and reading my blogs, I do like hearing from you!  Today is a summary to catch up on past blogs so here I go
  • one of my heroes had a birthday yesterday, happy 13th buddy!
  • Tigers in first, I am getting my hat ready just in case he needs my help this weekend
  • I said hello to the geese this morning
  • Ice tea and 5 pills for breakfast, no Quisp today.
  • I am on chapter 12 of The Shack
  • I have seen 10 bands since the STYX concert
  • I haven't lost my teeth during the night lately.
  • CUBS lost yesterday, makes me glad to see somethings never change
  • No CROCS yet but these new shoes are killing me.....
Eye will see you later!