Saturday, February 28, 2009


Stevie Wonder.."Very superstitious, writing's on the wall," the song popped into my head yesterday triggered by a couple different memories. First was Tiger Woods..he's back! If you don't follow golf you probably don't care but I'm sure you know who he is. He played his first event since having his knee reconstructed. It was match play and he won the first day and then lost the second..he's out and it might be my fault. Not really but it is one of my superstitions. I don't get loony over them, they are more fun superstitions. I had a patient the other day who, while we were talking about her health and past years events, "knocked on wood" six times as she was speaking. It wasn't to be funny so I kept my chuckling to myself. She needed to find wood and knock on it so it would be better this year. I was talking to my mother about this and learned if my grandma forgot something in the house and had to go get it, she would go into the house, grab what she forgot, sit down, count to 13 out loud and then get up and leave. Superstitions....weird! I have not continued that one thankfully.
Anyway, Tiger Woods. 3 years ago I bought a baseball hat, the same one Tiger has on in the picture. $25.00! I don't buy many hats but I like Tiger and thought he could use another few bucks so I bought his hat. I wear this when I golf, not because my game resembles Tigers but it makes me feel like a golfer! I also wear it when Tiger needs me. On two different occasions as I was watching Tiger he was struggling and he needed help. So I ran very fast (faster then Kirk) to my room and found my hat, Tigers hat, put it on, smiled, sat down and watched the magic! Both times Tiger did it...he came back and won! I am sure he has no idea how he did it...but I know about the hat, my hat! Sorry Tiger but I was at work the other day when you played and lost but next time, if you make it to the weekend I will be there for you...hat on, smiling and watching the magic!

Eye will see you later!

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