Saturday, February 21, 2009


What makes a hero?
When we are young our heroes are Superheroes like Superman, Spiderman and when I was young, Aquaman...he had that sonar underwater thing going. Most of them are cartoons. When we get into our teens our heroes change into real people. Some are sports stars like Michael Jordan, Walter Payton or Peyton Manning, others might be presidents or movie stars. Pretty much we've learned we can't be cartoons but maybe, just maybe, we can be the next all-star or the next Indiana Jones.... real but with super ability. Now I am past that, I am about 10 inches to short for the nba, my drives slice to much, I never quite develop a curve ball and oh so close to the next pretty face. But I still have heroes! One of them is studying to be a youth pastor, 2 of them are graduating from hs this year, one dances and the other started in a basketball game tonight. It made me smile to see him out there and he did great!

In the score book no points but there are plenty of people to get those and they did very good also. I am sure they were heroes for someone. Now I get to spend time with my heroes and you can't beat that. Who are your heroes today? It's good to have them, to look up to them and even better to spend a lifetime with them!

Eye will see you later!

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