Thursday, February 19, 2009


Deja vu' is a weird thing. I understand it has something to do with the mind and memory and past experiences but it is odd. I wonder if you catch yourself in the middle of it, just after the deja, if you can alter it at all? That would be sweet, especially if it happened during a sport. You could cut a different way or pass somewhere else, shoot instead of throwing it away. What brought this to mind was the show, LOST. What brought this to mind was the show, LOST.....I just wondered if you were paying attention. ..
I have invested 2 or 3 seasons into this show and basically I have no idea what's going on. People who have died are popping up alive. Old people are showing up young....what in the world! It started with a plane crash onto this island, stuff happened, lots of stuff. Then some people got off the island. Stuff happens to them back home, stuff happens to people on the island, now they got back on a plane because it was going to go over the island and guess what.....they are back on the island, except John Locke because he had to die!? And he had to wear Jack's dead dad's shoes! I think we are back to where we started.
I have to really thank my "brother" (said with the English accent) for suggesting this show! If I had to do it all again and had the deja ..."You should watch this show" vu I wouldn't change a thing for this one! It's LOST, I'm lost and every week I can't wait to make it worse!

One more weird thing, does anyone else hear the phone ring every time they take a shower?

Eye will see you later!

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