Monday, February 23, 2009


Ahhh the Oscars. The red carpet, the dresses, the media, is there anything better? My informal poll today as I have been seeing patients has revealed to me that no one watched the Oscars. Well I did with my wife. A cold night, resting on the couch in between trips to drop off and pick up kids. I figured out why many people didn't watch-- no one has seen most of these movies! Benjamin Button looks decent, about an old guy who grows younger instead of the normal ageing process. Not a bad deal to grow younger and look like Brad Pitt! But what happens when you are back to just a few months old.....not sure I would stay to the end of that movie. Then there was Milk which I will pass on...lactose intolerant. Some Victoria something.. no thanks. Reader which ...survey says....X! The big winner all night was Slumdog Millionaire! Which I saw! Go see it if you haven't.

At least then if anyone asks you about the Oscars (which no one will because no one watched it) you can say "How about that Slumdog!"

Eye will see you later.

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