Thursday, February 26, 2009


I have unofficially joined the club. It's the Thursday morning meeting at the golden arches of the sr citizens and I am a peripheral member. I am by myself still with a comfortable "cushion" of tables between me and the true club members but I am almost official. I am in the process of paying my dues. The last 2 weeks I purchased a paper, read it some, the placed it in the "free" rack. It rests in the holder almost 30 sec. before some snatches it up.... I'm sure they know who paid the 75 cents! That's dues. Today I heard about the bowling league and how Henry's team cleanup by bowling about 200 pins over their averages. A few minutes later, the gentleman with the 2 creams and 1 sugar said he went to the 7 schools and dropped off fliers so the kids would be reminded about the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt..."I did my good deed of the day!" he said. That was my favorite part today because I think we should all be like that. Not excited to go to the egg hunt but looking to get the "good deed" done. If we all did a good deed, helped someone out, held the door open for someone, bought someone the sr. coffee, or just smiled and said hello just think how much more fun the day would be! It's a shame sometime we have to do this intentionally, make it a goal...but it's a good goal. So let's do it, today, tomorrow and the next intentional "good deed"....sincerely, with a smile....I'm sure it's contagious!

Eye will see you later...and when I do, I'll hold the door open just for you!

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  1. I am one of "those people" as well. I hold doors and buy coffee for friends and acquaintances and even strangers here and there. Good deeds often seem to go unnoticed but as I've committed these random acts of kindness I've noticed that people do remember those deeds. I recall an insurance company's commercial where one person held a door for someone which was observed by another person who did a good deed in return. Are good deeds contagious? I agree that they are! Glad to see I'm not the only one who is looking out for my neighbor.