Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What's in a name? I am going to be a grandpa and that means another name will enter into the family. I am a junior and that is cool with me. Sometimes I was just jerry but other times I was little jerry even when I wasn't so little. I liked that. When we had kids there was never a thought for jerry "the third." Every single "the third" I knew growing up was just not a nice kid. I'm not saying they are cursed or anything but just the examples in my life were bad kids. Maybe it's like winning a bronze medal...good but honestly third place? It's just one step from not winning anything.
I learned there were many rules to kid naming...
  • you can't use any name used by a family member in the past 3 generations
  • you can't have a 1 syllable first name followed by a 1 syllable middle name, that just sounds wrong
  • if you heard a friend thought of the name even in a dream you can't use it
  • you can't be cute, I wanted Nicolas Issac for the initials NIK
  • you have to think of every possible word that rhymes with it because that's what the kids are going to do...speaking from experience fairy jerry
  • if you start out with 2 kids and they have the same letter for their name you are stuck and better either stop having them or really commit to that letter
I'm sure there are more, it is quite a process. You know though, when the baby finally comes out and you see him or her for the first time, the name just fits! Good luck to my son and his wife for picking out that perfect name.....I say throw the rules out, 1 syllable each..
Ca$h Fox .....
OK maybe rules are a good thing...where did your name come from?

Eye will see you later!

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