Tuesday, February 17, 2009


787 Billion that is a huge number and the beginning of an economic comeback. I was going to talk about soup today...I had some good ham and wild rice soup. There are a lot of soup choices out there and I don't think it is possible to not like soup, at least one kind of soup. That Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi is a classic. I think I like Seinfeld better than soup but not all kinds of soup. I don't like bean soup or the season 3 final episode when they are in jail though parts of it are OK, just not the bean part. I am a tad bit confused...not about soup or Seinfeld, that George is a little confusing...about the 787 Billion dollars. Where do we get this money and why is somebody hiding that amount of cash? How do we sign papers and then we pass out $787,000,000,000 ? Most times in life when I have had to sign documents I owe money. So if this is the way out, passing out all of this money I need to know a few things...
  • where does the line start? I have stood in line to see a midnight show of that 3rd Lord of the Rings movie, I can stand in line for this!
  • how long is this line? If I have to take off work to stand in line will I be reimbursed?
  • is there any incentive gifts? A toaster, free Packer shirt or maybe it is a Redskins shirt...
  • what about the emails from my long lost friend in Nigeria who is sending me 2.5 million dollars because he needs to get it out of his country and remembered I could help him out, do I need to claim this before I get my piece of the pie?
  • is there a cap on what athletes can make because I think I heard some ceo's are going to start an NBA basketball team....
So, the van is packed, we are ready to hit the road, take a few days off (reimbursed I hope) and get in line...somebody bring that monopoly game cause I'm passing go and going to collect my $200! I am bringing the thermos and guess whats inside....broccoli cheese, no spoon just straight from the thermos!

Eye will see you later!

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