Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentines Day has come and gone and Shelly and I went out to a movie, Slumdog Millionaire. I thought this was a remake of "The Shaggy DA" and boy was I mistaken. It was actually a very good movie, something I should have come up with myself! No Regis though, just poverty, death, guns, child slaves, a big pile of #2, all of the elements of a great film. The best part was Shelly picked this movie and we both enjoyed it very much... not so much the big pile but the movie at its entirety.

All this leads me to another thought...who IS the boss. A recent discussion about knowing who the boss of the house is occurred last week and I was slightly offended. I try to be a good leader and provider for my family, like the boss should be, and then someone says I don't understand it yet, I think it is them that.....

I'll have to finish this thought another day, my wife needs the computer.....

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