Saturday, April 11, 2009

Christ has Risen!

What does your Easter look like? I found it interesting that several schools have Good Friday off but can't talk about Christ in the classroom. I am excited about Easter because it is what makes Christianity different. Today the youth of our church set up a prayer walk and it was a special time. About 7 stations, all with a message and a thought to help us spend some time with God. One stop was communion and as I thought about the communion service last week I remembered someone crying, not loudly, just wiping away small tears as she spent time thinking about Christ and his message. He loves us, He died for us and He rose again, conquering death so that we might live with Him. I also thought about the huge number of people who will celebrate Easter....the egg hunts, the candy, the family gatherings....all without a thought about Christ. So will you remember what Easter is about....resurrection Sunday! It is a time to celebrate!

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  1. Read 'The Longest Trip Home' The mother in that story cried every time she shared in communion. I surely liked that book. Yes, Christ is risen indeed!