Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's fun to be a fan.....sometime

Why, why, why do we do this to ourselves?  Year after year, game after game and actually inning after inning I fool myself into believing Ron Santos words "This is the year!".... and here we go again!  As of this minute my beloved Cubs are 6-3 and looking mighty fine.  I try not to get excited... seriously, we hold the record for most years without a championship....101 years...101!  Isn't that something to be proud of?  Some teams would think " I think we have lost enough to always keep this record," but not my Cubbies!  The Cubs have made it their lifelong goal to preserve this record and make it absolutely unchallengeable.  Do you know how hard that is, to pass this "goal" on from generation to generation.  Sure they played great last year, DURING THE REGULAR SEASON, but when it was time to tighten the belt, grab the bats and swing in the post season... they set out to keep the streak going...and they did, outstanding.  I remember watching game 2 and seeing every infielder make at least one error each.... you truly cannot teach that.  I hear the rumors of the curse of the billy goat but come on, these guys are professionals AND they are Cubs!  True blue Cubs!  It is an honor to play at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.  It is special to sit and watch a game, have a dog with mustard only and listen to the fans!  As a kid I would go with my relatives, PB and J's in a brown bag and Aunt Phoey with her cowbell thinking "This is the year!"  Well, she's dead now... and I'm not saying that with any disrespect.  She, like all cub fans, loved her years as a cub fan.... because that's what we are Cub fans!  Honestly, we don't care if they win or not because either way they are still the Cubs.  Santo, Billy Williams, Kessinger, Dawson, Sandberg, Lee, Wood, Suttcliff, Cardinal, Monday...all of them Cubs,  all of them our Cubs and if they happen to win on any given day it's a bonus!  Who knows, this might be the year...but I am betting not...anyone can we a world series championship, but to keep this record going is truly an amazing feat!  "Go cubs go, go cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say, the cubs are going to win today!"  Or maybe tomorrow....

Eye will see you later!

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  1. Grandma Thal was a great Cub fan. It was fun to go into her home and see her watching the Cubs game on television. When I worked at Countryside Child Care the parents of twins there in Western New York was a Cubs fan. CUBS on his licence plate.