Friday, March 26, 2010

Has anyone seen my spatula?

It started out great this week, I purchased a sticker for my sons car. The old license plate sticker was an '09 and when I finished the paper work and received the new one it was a 2011...what luck! No extra fee, no slap on the wrist, just a smile and a "there you go!" Lady luck was smiling on me and on the silver bullet. That's my sons car, we nickname the cars, that's for another blog. He and I settled in the car and headed to an NBA game. A night of fun! However....the next day we notice that someone took some tin snips and removed the right third of the license plate to get the 2011 sticker which had just brought me so much joy. Vandals! I am sure it was some poor person who not only could not afford a new sticker but was also carrying around his only possession ... tin snips. Last night I returned to the silver bullet to move it off the road and into the driveway and I found another surprise... egg all over the side of the car. Evidently some poor bird lost her eggs as she went flying by. A few times because I saw other droppings on the street by other vehicles...sad for the bird. Anyway the spatula...this morning as I was leaving for work the car windows were all frosted. So there it sat, frosted windows, egg on the window and 2/3 of a back plate. Our scraper disappeared about a month ago so my lovely wife had replaced with a spatula. Guess what? No spatula! It's gone. So I did what every brilliant person would do, I took out my drivers license and started scraping my windows. All of a sudden SNAP! I now have a jigsaw puzzle for a license and lady luck is no longer grinning. So I asked again, has anyone seen my spatula?

Eye will see you later.

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