Friday, May 1, 2009

It's ketchup day....

Thank you to all who are checking in and reading my blogs, I do like hearing from you!  Today is a summary to catch up on past blogs so here I go
  • one of my heroes had a birthday yesterday, happy 13th buddy!
  • Tigers in first, I am getting my hat ready just in case he needs my help this weekend
  • I said hello to the geese this morning
  • Ice tea and 5 pills for breakfast, no Quisp today.
  • I am on chapter 12 of The Shack
  • I have seen 10 bands since the STYX concert
  • I haven't lost my teeth during the night lately.
  • CUBS lost yesterday, makes me glad to see somethings never change
  • No CROCS yet but these new shoes are killing me.....
Eye will see you later!

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